About Me

I am currently on the road to make travel a significant part of my lifestyle. After spending 10 months travelling through most of Europe, along the Trans-Mongolian and finishing in SE Asia I’ve decided that travel is a basic need in my life. Not only do I love travelling, but I love the process of planning my travels, from the moment of seeing a breathtaking photo or hearing an inspiring story.

My greatest pleasures in travel are the simple things – experiencing the nature, culture and history of an area. My preferred accommodation is a tent (or hammock), I favour travelling point to point using my own means – whether using my legs to walk or cycle or hiring appropriate means (scooter in Vietnam, car through Turkey). The biggest lesson I learnt in my first big trip was the slower you travel, the more money you save, therefore, the longer you can travel, something I’m hoping to put into practice in my future trips.